Level up in ALL aspects of LIFE

No matter where you are looking to improve your leadership, we've got you covered

  • Business

    Learn how to distinguish yourself from the pack, lead with or without a title and keep your integrity while finding big success in your career.

  • Family

    Leading in family is sometimes the most tricky to maneuver. Whether you are a parent looking to work with your kids or the head of the household, you can learn how to lead with humility and grace.

  • Faith

    Leading with integrity in your faith can be difficult in today's social climate, but you CAN lead with integrity and stay true to your faith.

Meet the Team

  • Sean Brantley

    Leadership Evangelist

    Sean Brantley

    Sean has spent the last 26 years focusing on customer success in the every changing Cyber Security market. With over two decades of service with companies such as IBM, HP, Intel and McAfee, Sean and become a force of change with a focus on success and leading sales and marketing team to reach, teach and lead their clients and congregations with the concepts of leading with a purpose. Prior to joining McAfee, Sean served 6 years in the US Navy and is a Gulf War Veteran. Upon separating from the Navy in 1994, he begin his career by working on the IT Help Desk. Sean then worked his way from these humble beginnings to become an advisor and a leader in this this exciting, eve-transforming cyber security market. Sean is an educated practitioner in leadership with an art for reaching, teaching and leading organizations around the globe to fulfill their mission statements with an emphasis of leads with purpose. In 2015, Sean answered a purpose in his life and received a Masters Degree in Counseling from Maranatha Christian College. Sean is also an ordained minister with a mission to teach industry and faith leaders around the globe. In 2018, Sean in a desire to master his speaking and teaching skills sought to become a certified John Maxwell Team speaker. Now he speaks on leadership Witham purpose by demonstrating with a focus integrity, hard work and with a commitment of service.
  • Sandy Brantley

    Teen Growth Evangelist

    Sandy Brantley

    Sandy Brantley is a teen growth evangelist, speaker, trainer, and author. A former fortune 50 executive, Sandy is passionate about the power of developing children to be successful, employable young adults with a strong moral compass. She helps individuals and organizations learn to better prepare their ducklings to launch successfully into adulthood. After watching her own child suffer the effects of cruel bullying, Sandy was desperate to help her child heal, build confidence, and launch successfully into adulthood. She found answers in the unconventional. Now she's sharing what she learned with others. They call her "The Duck Wrangler.